AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cellar Review

AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cellar ReviewThe AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cellar is another model that may not have instant name recognition, but is a very impressive thermoelectric, free-standing unit that does the job as good as any, and does so very quietly as well.  Add to that a well-made and beautifully designed cabinet, and you have a tremendous deal in our book.  For much more information about this cooler and what we and others think about it, please keep reading.

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Features & Specifications

The AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 is one of the more popular mid-sized thermoelectric models currently available, and part of that is due to its solid feature set.  This wine cooler/cellar has a very quiet thermoelectric cooling mechanism coupled with an attractive, 32-bottle capacity cabinet (based on standard, 750 ml. bottles) adorned with a stainless steel trim.

To go with its attractiveness is a high-quality digital thermostat with handy push-button controls and a crisp digital temperature display so you can keep a close watch your collection. This model uses a tempered and insulated glass door that offers great protection from potentially damaging UV light.

Another nice feature of this unit are its (8) large, removable and chrome-plated chrome shelves.  And when you want to admire your wines, all you need to do is turn on the attractive blue LED interior light, which complements your collection without creating lots of unnecessary heat.

This cabinet measures 16.2 inches (width) by 21 inches (depth) and 31.7 inches in height.  It is built as a free-standing unit.

Reviews & Ratings

To date, the AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 has earned an impressive average satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars on amazon.com based on 15 reviews.  We’ve gone through these reviews and summarize their comments, notes and observations below.

The Good:

People loved this wine cooler.  In particular, they consistently commented on how attractive it looks and – more importantly – how well it brings down temperature and keeps it there. This is a critical. For example, here is an excerpt from just one of several reviews along these lines:

5stars“The design and capacity are excellent. The temperature control is true and it keeps the wines at perfect temperature. I have it filled to capacity and it looks great!”

Another very common praise was how silently this cooler runs.  Considering this is often the chief complaint among wine coolers, this is a great perk of the AKDY.  Again, here is one of several actual comments made by a reviewer to this effect:

5stars“It’s so silent I often check the digital readout temperature to make sure it’s working.”

The Bad:

A couple reviewers complained that odd-sized bottles wouldn’t fit (which is typical of most coolers) and some indicated that it had trouble bringing down temperatures in hotter rooms.  These are fairly typical complaints in our view.  With thermoelectric coolers in general, cooling power is somewhat limited compared to compressor-driven models, so they should be situated in areas that don’t suffer from extreme temperatures.  Nevertheless, most reviewers noted that it brought temperatures down quickly and capably.

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Price & Value

Besides its great quality, quiet operation and performance, the AZ-EA45EC-75 is impressive due to its modest price.  Currently selling for around $350, it’s difficult to find a larger, better-made and more highly-rated option at this price.  Consequently, for those shoppers who are looking for a slightly larger wine cooler at an unusually low price – this is it.

Concluding Thoughts

While you could certainly find a fancier, more well-known, and more highly-promoted 32-bottle wine cooler/cellar, we think you’d be hard-pressed to find one of comparable quality to the AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 at its current selling price.  This cooler not only performs exceptionally well for any wine cooler, but it does so virtually silently and holds a good number of bottles to boot.  As a result, we highly recommend this wine cooler to anyone who seeks extraordinary value without sacrificing quality or capacity.

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  1. James Poulin says:

    Had this unit in the garage which is fully insulated and it quit cooling after a year and a half. May go with a compressor driven unit now.

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