Allavino MWR-1271-SSR Review

Finding an affordable and reliable large capacity wine cooler can definitely be a challenge. However, we think that the Allavino MWR-1271-SSR 122 Bottle Wine Cellar is a very good candidate for anyone looking to hold a more serious (i.e., 100+ bottle) collection while staying within the ballpark of $1,000. Nevertheless, you should pay close attention to this model’s features and specifications to ensure that it has the functionality that you really need. Here are the highlights and key information on the MWR-1271-SSR for you to consider before making a purchase.

Key Features & Specifications

*Bottle Capacity & Shelving

51l6GJUBxLLIf storing typical Bordeaux-type wine bottles, the MWR-1271-SSR can store up to 122 bottles across its 12 roll-out racks. Notably, these are not wire racks but rather hardwood shelves that pull out easily and smoothly due to ball bearing-enabled tracks. As we’ve said before, we do prefer hardwood shelves compared to wire rack material for its great looks, sturdiness and lack of temperature conductance. In addition, the ball bearing mechanism minimizes disturbance to surrounding bottles, which could otherwise kick up sediments and speed up the oxidative process (which can lead to premature spoilage).

Please note that one or more of the shelves can be removed completely, which is good for those who anticipate storing large or odd-sized bottles, such as Champagne or Pinot Noir bottles.

*Cooling Mechanism & Temperature Range

514eClzRaPLAs we expected on such a large-capacity wine cooler, the MWR-1271-SSR uses a compressor-type cooling mechanism, much like that used in traditional refrigerators. Compressor-driven systems like this are the standard for serious wine collectors. For starters, compressors deliver more efficient cooling compared to thermoelectric modules; and second, they are able to bring temperatures down much faster, and keep them there much better in the face of heatwaves or sustained high environmental temperatures.

And regardless whether you are storing reds or whites (which, incidentally, are both optimally stored at 55F anyway), this wine cooler can reach the desired temperature. Specifically, it has an operating temperature (setpoint) range of 41 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which an be manipulated via a set of simple, yet modern digital thermostatic controls.

*Free Standing & Built In Use

Unlike many other large coolers, the front-venting system coupled with the finished side walls means that the MWR-1271-SSR can be used as a free-standing model or can be built into a kitchen or other area with no rear or side clearance.

*Cabinet Design Features

This is an attractive wine cooler that features an all-black outer cabinet and a nicely contrasting stainless steel door frame with a matching handle. The door is fitted with an insulated, UV-resistant large glass viewing window, and the LCD temperature controls/display are neatly tucked into the upper corner of the unit, giving this wine cooler a very sleek and modern look.

51MkZJocfILInside, the cabinet is illuminated with a cool blue LED that casts a beautiful, bright hue on your wine without generating unwanted heat or UV radiation that could degrade wine quality. In addition, the unit can be locked up with a security locking system to help prevent theft and tampering with your collection.

*Size & Weight

As you can expect, this is a large wine cooler, measuring 55 5/8″ high by 23-5/8″ wide by 28 5/8 deep (including the handle). It is also fairly heavy, weighing in at approximately 230 pounds (empty).

*Warranty Information

This unit is covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty on both parts and labor, with a 5-year warranty on parts as they relate to the compressor and the sealed system.

User Reviews & Ratings

Users are tough critics on wine coolers generally, especially large ones in our experience. Nevertheless, the Allavino MWR-1271-SSR has been receiving some very good scores for performance and value. Below are the actual reviews for this wine cooler courtesy of

Price and Value

One of the biggest selling points of the MWR-1271-SSR is how much capacity and performance you get for your dollar. Indeed, things like compressor-driven cooling systems, hardwood shelves and stainless steel accents don’t come cheap, especially for units that can hold over 100 bottles of wine. Consequently, at its current sales price, which is hovering in the neighborhood of $1,000 shipped, this is a heck of a lot of wine cooler for the money!

Concluding Thoughts & Impressions

Allavino has clearly taken aim at delivering excellent quality and performance in the mid to large-capacity wine cooler market, while keeping prices as low as possible. The the Allavino MWR-1271-SSR is yet another example of this focus, as it provides reliable, compressor-driven cooling and a suite of relatively premiums features and an attractive design in a cooler that can hold up to 122 bottles and costs roughly $1,000. As a result, we think you’d be hard-pressed to get more value from a competing model without sacrificing quality or user convenience.

In short, this is an outstanding buy for those looking to house a larger wine collection, and keep most of their money for buying more wine!


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