Allavino MWR-541-BR-C Review

For a well-made and roomy wine cooler that can be used as a free-standing or built-in model, one of our more recent picks is the the Allavino (Model #MWR-541-BR-C) 51-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler. This model has the power and versatility needed for more serious wine storage, yet is still affordable for those just dipping their feet into fine wine.

However, you should be aware of how this wine cooler works and some of its finer details so you can be sure that it’s the right one for your needs and budget.

Key Specifications & Features

*Bottle Capacity & Shelving

The MWR-541-BR-C can hold up to 51 standard-sized (Bordeaux-type) bottles among its 5 roll out shelves. Notably, these shelves offer silky smooth operation thanks to riding on ball bearings. As such, you can get in and out of the cabinet – and pick out the wine of your choice – without having to disturb the rest of your collection, which could otherwise stir up sediments and hasten oxidation.

Allavino MWR-541-BR-C 51 rollout shelving: side viewIn addition to sliding out particularly smoothly, the shelves are very sturdy, composed of hardwood and coming with a very classy finish. For us, wire racks are fine and practical, but we love the look and feel of hardwood, so this is a nice plus in our book. Finally, you can totally remove one or more of the shelves if you’d like to store larger/odd-sized bottles, such as Champagne and Pinot Noir type bottles. Of course, in such case, your total bottle capacity will necessarily drop somewhat.

*Cooling Mechanism & Temperature Range

The Allavino MWR-541-BR-C is equipped with a traditional compressor-driven cooling system, rather than a thermoelectric module as is commonly seen in smaller wine cellars. The benefits of compressor cooling is two-fold: 1) compressor units are more efficient, watt for watt, compared to thermoelectrics; and 2) compressors are far better at maintaining set temperatures in the face of fast/extreme temperature swings. In other words, compressors are simply more effective for serious, reliable cooling. This many not be as important to you, if your cellar is located in a relatively stable, cooler environment, but it’s nice to know that you have the power of a compressor should you be affected by the odd heatwave.

Allavino MWR-541-BR-C 51 shelving: top viewThis is a single-zone wine cellar that features digital controls and a cabinet temperature that can be set anywhere from 41 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is more than sufficient for storing and chilling white or red wines.

*Venting & Vent Orientation

This is a front-venting wine fridge that can be used for free-standing or built in use.

*Style and Design Touches

Allavino is known for designing attractive wine coolers and this unit is no exception. The outer cabinet is painted in a sleek black, and is matched by an all-metal black door frame with UV-resistant, insulated glass-front, for an added level of class and sturdiness. Compare this with the many plastic-type door frames use on cheaper units.

On the inside, the cabinet is illuminated by a sultry blue LED that complements your collection without generating unwanted heat or potentially harmful UV. LEDs have become theĀ  standard lighting type for these cabinets due to their low-wattage requirements, beneficial color spectrum and remarkably cool operation. In addition, these bulbs last much, much longer than florescent or incandescent bulbs.

Slim design touch-control panel and LCD display*Other Features

Among the other things notable about the MWR-541-BR-C are its door-locking mechanism (designed to thwart theft or tampering); automatic defrost system; and modern, minimalistic LCD temperature display.

*Product Weight & Dimensions

The MWR-541-BR-C measures 34-5/8″ high by 23-3/4″ wide and 26-5/8″ deep; it weighs roughly 115 pounds (empty).

*Warranty Information

This model is backed by a 1-year warranty on both parts and labor.

User Reviews & Ratings

This wine fridge has been very well-received by users to date. Below are the actual reviews for this product, courtesy of

Price and Value

Currently selling for around $600 shipped, we think the MWR-541-BR-C is a very good deal relative to its class. Indeed, compressor-driven coolers tend to be considerably more expensive than thermoelectrics, and this model has a generous storage capacity and some premiums design features to boot. Consequently, it is a pretty tough model to beat in our opinion.

The MWR-541-BR-C combines generous storage, powerful cooling and great value.Concluding Thoughts & Impressions

The Allavino MWR-541-BR-C Wine Cooler offers great value for those seeking to maintain a mid-sized fine wine collection and want the peace of mind that goes with more reliable and powerful compressor cooling.

However, even beyond its good capacity and powerful cooling, this is a very attractive and well-made wine fridge that checks all of the boxes for us in terms of functionality and convenience. From the smooth rolling hardwood shelving to the sturdy black metal door frame, this is one wine cooler that should look great just about anywhere and perform at a level that meets or exceeds most users’ expectations.


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