Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Fridge

While there are many small models to choose from, there are distinctly fewer larger wine coolers available – especially ones that don’t cost an exorbitant amount of money. Among the mover value-oriented large capacity wine refrigerators that we do like, however, is the Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Cooler/Wine Cellar. We think this model provides a lot of storage for a unit in its price range, and it comes with the key features we look for in solid wine fridge.

If you are seeking to maximize your wine storage dollar, and have already gone beyond smaller coolers, please keep reading for more information and our concluding thoughts and recommendations.

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Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Cooler – Key Features

Powerful Compressor Cooling

Considering how many bottles of wine you can store in this unit, it’s good to know that theĀ Avanti WCR682SS2 uses a conventional compressor-driven cooling system.

There is certainly a lot of talk about thermoelectric vs. compressor wine coolers these days; however, anyone experienced with these types of appliances will tell you that compressors are superior overall. Not only are they more efficient, but they possess the power to bring down cabinet temperatures quickly, despite significant exterior heat flux. This is particularly important if you are storing cold-loving whites and sparkling varieties. And while all wine coolers have their limits (don’t put them in hot rooms!), this allows you greater flexibility as to where you can locate the unit.

Generally speaking, you always want to put a wine cooler in relatively stable environments, preferably away from heat-generating equipment and certainly away from direct sunlight. It’s also better to run a relatively full wine cooler, rather than empty one. Lots of cooled wine in the cabinet provides thermal inertia to the system, which also helps minimize temperature flux among your collection.

Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Cooler - premium wood roll out shelving.Wooden Pull-Out Rolling Shelves

We do like wooden shelves, and the Avanti WCR682SS2 comes with some nice ones. These roll-out shelves glide easily and lend a class look that contrasts nicely with the stainless steel door trim. Please note that the space between the shelves is quite limited (no surprise), and generally designed for standard Bordeaux-type bottles. Nevertheless some select “Burgundy Bottle” shelves are included. Consequently, if you have a lot of odd sized Champagne or Magnum bottles, you will lose quite a bit of the stated capacity.

Crisp Digital Thermostatic Controls

A thin set of digital controls are situated at the very top of the door. These controls show cabinet temperature and feature touch-pad temperature adjustment for easy collection setting. Digital thermostatic controls are superior for maintaining more accurate set points, and with a full cooler you should expect very little fluctuation within your collection. Considering how important temperature stability is to wine storage, this is very good news.

Charcoal Air Filtration & Circulation Fan

Corked wines necessarily breathe through microscopic pores int he cork material. This natural ebb and flow of environmental air is a part of normal fine wine maturation, but it can cause problems if there are any contaminants present. Things like fumes, smoke and other volatile organics are particularly problematic because they can adulterate wine taste and aroma. In addition, dank, stale conditions within the cabinet can produce molds, and the undesirable odors that go with them. Molds/mildew can also degrade bottle labels that can reduce the value of wine if you’re planning to resell it.

To deal with potentially troublesome air quality issues, the Avanti WCR682SS2 uses an active charcoal filter media and cabinet circulation fan. This is generally the most effective type of air filtration, especially for fumes, smokes and odors. The “charcoal” essentially absorbs these volatile molecules as air is passed through the media, retaining them so that cannot get into your wine.

LED Interior Lighting

LED lighting is the standard these days, and the Avanti WCR682SS2 uses an attractive cool-spectrum LED lamp that displays your wine nicely but doesn’t generate heat or damaging UV light.

Built for Free-Standing Use

With its front-venting system (located at the base of the unit), you can push this wine cooler quite close to a rear wall, but please keep in mind that it is not designed to be built into a counter space or situated flush with other appliances.


This is a fairly slim and compact wine cooler when you consider its capacity. It measures 71 inches high, 23.5 inches wide and 28.75 inches deep.

Price and Value

Selling at the moment for roughly $1,500, this is about as cheap as you are going to find a decent wine cooler that can store over 160 bottles!

User Reviews & Ratings

At the time of this writing, the Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Cooler has an average satisfaction rating of 3.9 out of 5.0 stars based on 8 reviews. This is actually quite good for any large wine cooler in our experience. Users generally praise the cooling performance, low-noise operation and good looks of this cooler. However, there were some negative remarks due to an isolated customer service dispute, and there were some notes that larger, odd-sized bottles were a bit cramped between the shelves. These are all very common issues that we see in virtually all wine coolers that have more than a few reviews.

Buy the Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Cooler!Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Cooler – Concluding Thoughts

The Avanti WCR682SS2 is a good choice among other popular large-capacity wine coolers: it holds up to 166 bottles, uses a powerful compressor system, is fitted with nice rolling metal shelves, features solid digital controls, and comes with an air filtration/circulation system. Moreover, its an attractive, well-appointed unit that, at its current price tag hovering around $1,500, really does give you a lot of storage for your money. So while this wine cooler does nothing revolutionary, on the value scale it is a very smart choice.

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