EdgeStar CWR301SZ Wine Cooler Review

EdgeStar CWR301SZ Wine Cooler ReviewBuilt in wine coolers made to fit nicely under kitchen counters must not only look good, but also handle the typical temperature swings and heat that most kitchens experience.  The EdgeStar CWR301SZ is a great option for such conditions, with its powerful compressor cooling system and sharp, modern looks.  But that’s not all there is to know about this compact wine cooler.  Please keep on reading for much more information and our thoughts on its benefits and value.

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Features & Specifications

The EdgeStar CWR301SZ can hold a total of 30 standard-sized (750 ml) bottles yet is only 15 inches in width, making it a great choice for those seeking an under counter model that can fit in tight spaces.  Nevertheless, with its front-venting system, you can also use this as a free-standing unit as well.

This cooler comes with modern digital controls and a easy-to-use touch pad, which permits quick and effortless temperature adjustment, and with its powerful compressor-driven cooling system, this unit can maintain temperatures ranging from 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit with relative ease.   Real time temperature is displaced via an LCD panel.

It’s also a very attractive wine cooler, using double pane tempered glass, a stainless steel (and reversible-mounting) door frame and handle, sliding wood-accented wire wine racks, and a LED-powered interior light that provides a nice glow that shows off your collection without adding unwanted heat or potentially damaging UV light.

Some other nice features are included, which are not quite as obvious, such as the advanced carbon filtration air filter.  This filter cleans the air of impurities/odors that could damage labels or potentially infiltrate your wine, and a circulation fan keeps the temperatures consistent through the upper and lower levels of the cabinet.  This unit is also equipped with a handy safety locking mechanism so you can guard against theft.

The CWR301SZ measures 32 inches in height, 15 inches width, and 25 3/4 inches in depth.  It’s covered by a standard one year limited warranty.

Reviews and Ratings

At the moment, the EdgeStar CWR301SZ has an average approval rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars on amazon.com, based on a total of three user reviews.  And while this isn’t many, these users’ comments suggest that the 5-star trend will continue.  Here are actual excerpts from each review:

5stars“After reading several reviews I purchased this wine cooler…it is quiet and keeps wine at correct temp.”

4stars“Have had this unit installed for about a month now. Happy with it so far….I don’t think it’s very loud at all.”


The product seems to be well made and looks just like the photos….”


The only somewhat negative comment about this unit was that its capacity rating was based on small, standard-sized bottles.  This is of course the norm in wine coolers/cellars/fridges  – you should always assume that the capacity stated is based on using 750 ml. bottles.  If you plan on storing many larger/odd-sized bottles, plan on getting a larger cooler.

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Price and Value

For its storage capacity, feature set and powerful compressor-driven cooling system, we think this wine cooler is a very good deal at its current price point, which at the moment is hovering around $600.  In particular, the crisp and sturdy design, advanced controls and air filtration system are nice additions and make it a very difficult model to beat in its class.

Concluding Thoughts

We think the EdgeStar CWR301SZ makes a great and affordable under counter wine cooler, or free-standing cooler as well.  Its powerful compressor-driven system is ideal for dealing with the often hot, fluctuating environment in many kitchens, and it has a very sophisticated look – with sophisticated controls and a variety of other features to match.  Consequently, if you are searching for a compact and attractive compressor wine cooler, this is an easy choice we’d recommend.

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