EdgeStar CWR361FD French-Door Wine Refrigerator Review

EdgeStar wine refrigerators are consistently among the best in our opinion, typically delivering great performance, style and value. The EdgeStar CWR361FD is certainly no exception, and has features and an attractive design that is already earning high marks. Let’s take a closer look at this model to see whether it’s right for you.

EdgeStar CWR361FD Overview & Specifications

This is a 36-botte (capacity based on standard 750 ml bottles) built-in wine cooler that uses a front-venting system. However, it can also be used as a stand alone unit and is finished nicely all the way around for this purpose. It is a powerful compressor-cooled model that has dual zones- each of which has a wide operating range of between 40F and 65F. With this temperature spread, you can have the warmest-loving reds and coolest sparkling varieties side by side ready for service. Moreover, the compressor-driven system is very good at keeping your collection at the set temperature in the face of dramatic outside temperature flux.

Perhaps the first thing one notices about the EdgeStar CWR361FD are its stunning french doors framed in stainless steel trim. Not just for show, these doors are fitted with tempered and tinted glass that insulates the cabinet and prevents infiltration of harmful UV rays. These doors open up to a total of 12 wooden storage shelves that are trimmed with stainless steel. Each shelf slides out for easy access to your collection. The cabinet includes circulation fans to ensure even cooling within each compartment, and a carbon air filtration system neutralizes volatile chemicals and impurities, such as odors, before they can do any damage to your wine.

As we’ve come to expect from EdgeStar, this unit uses a very precise and clean-looking digital thermostatic control and crisp temperature readouts. The blue LED interior light shows off your collection beautifully without causing unwanted heat build up. The EdgeStar measures 34 1/8″ high, 23 1/2″ wide and 24 3/8″ deep, and weighs about 110 pounds empty. A detailed product manual can be found here.

Each unit is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

User Ratings & Reviews

EdgeStar CWR361FD Steel-accented wood shelves.This model currently holds a 4.3 out of 5 stars on amazon.com. The reviews are very positive, and users generally confirm this unit runs well, reliably and relatively quietly. The EdgeStar got dinged here and there by a few individuals who complained of excessive operating noise. I’d take these with a grain of salt; noise complaints, to some degree, seem to be common to just about every wine cooler with more than a handful of reviews.

Price & Value

For a 36-bottle wine cooler, the EdgeStar’s current price tag of roughly $900 is certainly on the higher side. But, this is not an average wine cooler. Things like a compressor; the dual zones; and the French doors are higher-end features. In addition, the stainless-steel accented racks; air filtration system and wide operating range also don’t come cheap. Considering all that, we think the EdgeStar CWR361FD is actually priced very reasonably.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for an inexpensive wine cooler in the 36-bottle range, this is not it. For those on a tight budget, you can get a single-zone thermoelectric model with a similar capacity for much less. But if you did, you wouldn’t have the luxury of dual zones; the EdgeStar’s refined look; and, most importantly, the high quality digital controls and powerful compressor cooling system that can deal with hot weather operation. Overall, we think the EdgeStar CWR361FD French-Door Wine Refrigerator is one of the nicest in its class.

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  1. Kaykay G. says:

    I purchased theEdgeStar CWR361FD 36 Bottle 24″ Built-In French Door Dual Zone Wine Cooler because of all the great reviews. Within the 1st month, the cooler tempatures were changing irratically 5-10 degree difference and changing from Fah to Celsius and we were noticing that it was constantly turning off. Company immediately sent someone to replace motherboard thinking that was problem… Again , tempatures changed and shutting off. They sent replacement. Wouldn’t you know, it happened with new one also… it appears that the display pad is SUPER sensitive…anything that brushes up against it can shut it off. If I could redo, id purchase the cooler with controls INSIDE.

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