EdgeStar TWR215ESS1 Dual Zone Review

EdgeStar TWR215ESS1 Dual Zone Wine Cooler ReviewAlthough some may seek a larger “cold” zone, the thermoelectric dual zone EdgeStar TWR215ESS1 was designed just right in our book.  This model comes with typical high-quality EdgeStar features and modern styling, and has all of the qualities we look for in an affordable wine fridge.  Moreover, it’s currently selling for a very low price in our view.  For much more information about this unit and what we and others are saying about it, please keep reading.

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Features & Specifications

The EdgeStar TWR215ESS1 is a dual zone, thermoelectric cooler that can hold a maximum of 21 standard size Bordeux bottles.  The two storage compartments are not equal, the upper zone can hold a total of 6 bottles, and the lower can hold 15 bottles.  It comes with removable chrome wire shelving.

Both zones have independent temperature controls and an LCD temperature display.  The upper zone has a broader operating temperature range, and can hold wine between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  The lower zone is designed for storage at temperatures of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  This allows you two store both reds and whites in the lower compartment (despite what you’ve heard, storage for both reds and whites is best at 55F) and then put the whites in the upper compartment to chill them down to proper service temperature just prior to consumption.

This model uses a high-quality Thermopane (double pane) glass door and nice stainless steel framing, with a stainless steel door handle to match.  To bring out the beauty of your collection and compliment the cooler itself, a cool blue LED interior light is included, as well as a circulation fan to prevent cold/warm spots.

Other nice touches include an automatic defrost mechanism, LED displays, and tinted glass for additional UV protection.  The cooler is quite compact given its capacity, and measures 32 1/2 inches in height, 13 2/5 inches in width and 20 1/4 inches in depth.  It is built for free-standing use; therefore, make sure to provide at least a few inches of clearance between the unit and any rear wall.

Reviews and Ratings

In the hard-to-please realm of wine coolers, the EdgeStar TWR215ESS1 has fared remarkably well, earning an average satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars based on 12 reviews on amazon.com.  Let’s take a look at these reviews a bit closer to see what people are saying.

The vast majority of the users praised this unit for cooling well, being compact and looking great.  In addition, most appreciated the dual zone feature and were happy with the overall value of the unit.  Here is an excerpt from one review that summarizes the tone of most of the reviewers:

5stars“…so far very happy with it. It’s small enough to fit into the corner of my kitchen without being obtrusive….Very sleek and modern looking. Love the dual temps two compartments also.”

As for the negative, apart from one isolated customer service grievance, the relatively few negative reviews were about operating noise.  However, there were more reviewers that stated that the noise levels were acceptable.  If you are very sensitive to noise, then you should consider these carefully.  Apart from that, the only other complaints were that the colder upper zone should have been larger, since those users said they preferred white wine.  This, however, indicates a fundamental misunderstanding that we commonly see.  White and reds are both stored optimally at 55F; it’s only the service temperatures that differ. Consequently, you can store both reds and whites in the bottom compartment, and then use the upper zone merely to keep chilled whites that you are going to serve immediately.  For this reason, the smaller upper compartment makes good sense!

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Price and Value

There is no denying the value you get with the EdgeStar TWR215ESS1.  In fact, for its current selling price of roughly $250, we think this is one of the best thermoelectric models in its class.  This cooler performs well, comes with modern features, has dual zones, and is beautifully made with sophisticated good looks.  In other words, a great buy in our book.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are super-sensitive to operating noise and can’t stand the hum of an electric fan, you may feel that this wine cooler is a bit loud.  On the other hand, if you are more tolerant and/or plan on locating this unit in areas where you don’t need library-silence, then this is one of our favorite dual zone thermoelectric models.  Why?  It comes with a smaller upper zone (which optimizes storage area in the lower compartment for reds and whites); it has modern controls and crisp styling; and it’s all-around very well made and provides a ton of quality for the price.  Simply put, this a great and affordable dual zone wine cooler.

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