Electrolux EI24WC65GS 24″ Under-Counter Wine Cooler

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art model that comes with premium features and design by one of the most respected names in home appliances, check out the Electrolux EI24WC65GS 24″ Under-Counter Wine Cooler with Perfect Set Temperature Control.

This classy, 46-bottle built-in (or freestanding) wine refrigerator is a real cut above the average cooler and is worth considering if you have a bigger budget and are bent on purchasing a very high quality unit.

Please read on as we break down the key features of this model so you can see whether it’s worth the relatively stiff price tag.

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Electrolux EI24WC65GS – Key Features & Specifications

Powerful and Reliable Compressor Cooling

The highest quality wine coolers used compressor-driven cooling systems, and the Electrolux EI24WC65GS is no exception. Compressors are far better than thermoelectric units at maintaining a steady set temperature in the face of drastic and extreme temperature fluctuations. And since maintaining stable cabinet temperatures are imperative when storing wine, this is a better choice if your cooler is located anywhere where it is likely to experience significant temperature swings.

Innovative “Perfect Set” Temperature Control

With this powerful cooling system, the EI24WC65GS can keep your wines anywhere from 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This broad operating range is sufficient to store everything from cold-loving sparkling wines to warm-loving reds. Moreover, setting temperature is a snap with Electrolux’s “Perfect Set” temperature feature and easy touch controls. This sophisticated temperature maintenance system makes keeping your wines chilled at the proper set point virtually foolproof. We can’t stress enough how important temperature stability is when it comes to fine wine storage!

46-Bottle Capacity & High Quality Roll-Out Shelving

Despite its compact and sleek design, this wine cooler can hold a total of 46 standard-sized wine bottles, which can be easily accessed thanks to its 4 easy-gliding slide out shelves that roll effortlessly on ball bearings.

Attractive and Functional Design

The Electrolux EI24WC65GS is clad in a classy stainless steel finish with a large viewing window built into the door. This glass front is composed of an insulated, UV-filtering material that not only accentuates your collection, but keeps it free from UV damage.

Electrolux EI24WC65GS - Nice Top-Controls and Clean Design.The soft blue interior LED lamp illuminates your collection without buildup of unwanted heat. The LED does not produce harmful UV, and also has a much longer operating life compared to conventional florescent/incandescent bulbs. Notably, this light can be set to stay on continuously if desired (for example, when entertaining), as opposed to many other models, which have interior lights that turn on only when the door is opened.

In addition, this cooler is fitted with an internal fan/air filter to keep your collection fresh and free from fine dust, dirt, fungi spores/mold and volatile organic compounds that could impact wine quality and the integrity of labeling.

Smart and Simple Top Controls

While some wine cooler control panels look like tacky digital clocks, the Electrolux EI24WC65GS comes with a neat, top-integrated control/display panel that is built into the top of the door. It allows you to set and monitor temperature and other storage conditions, and has a clean, modern look that enhances the overall look.

Great Energy Efficiency

Please don’t fall for the marketing ploy by sellers of thermoelectric coolers – compressor type wine coolers are much more efficient than thermoelectrics! Yes, thermoelectric mechanisms are smaller, lighter and don’t have moving parts (besides the fan), but, watt for watt, they provide much less cooling compared to a compressor. That is why a thermoelectric cooler is constantly running and cannot cycle off when the set temperature is reached. This is yet another reason why compressor coolers are superior.

And among compressor types, the Electrolux EI24WC65GS is particularly light on your electricity bill, with an annual kilowatt rating of just 440 kWH! We suspect this due to the quality of the condenser and robustness of the cabinet insulation.

Made for Built-in or Freestanding Use

Versatility is the word when it comes to the EI24WC65GS. This model can be installed under the counter, or just as easily used as a freestanding wine cooler. It’s also remarkably compact for its capacity, measuring 47 inches deep, 35 inches high and 23-13/16 inches in width.

Electrolux EI24WC65GS User Reviews & Ratings.User Reviews & Ratings

This cooler currently enjoys an average satisfaction rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on amazon.com. Users typically reported great satisfaction with the performance, design and all-around appeal of the unit. This cooler was dinged a star here and there as some users noted an audible sound (from the compressor); however, we want to stress that all wine coolers will generate some sound.

Price and Value

Currently selling in the neighborhood of $1,500, this is by no means a “bargain” wine cooler. However, what you are paying for here is premium quality and unusual energy efficiency. As a result, we think that this is an overall good buy that provides lots of value over the operating life of the unit – not to mention peace of mind if storing expensive wine!

Buy the Electrolux EI24WC65GS 24" Under Counter Wine Cooler!Concluding Thoughts on the Electrolux EI24WC65GS 24″ Under-Counter Wine Cooler

We easily recommend the Electrolux EI24WC65GS for anyone looking for a premium wine cooler that is definitely a large step up from your average wine refrigerator.

This model is smartly-designed, is constructed with high-grade materials, and is remarkably efficient, which will save you more and more money over time. In addition, the Perfect Set temperature and excellent cabinet insulation means your wine will be maintained at stable temperatures so it can mature properly without fear of sudden oxidation. A great buy for the budding or veteran wine connoisseur.

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