Haier HVTM08ABS Wine Cooler/Cellar

Haier HVTM08ABS Wine Cooler/Cellar ReviewIt’s no accident why the Haier HVTM08ABS Wine Cooler/Cellar is a constant fixture at the top of the best-selling boards on amazon.com.  This little cooler delivers as advertised and does so at a remarkably low price.  But what else do you need to know about it – surely everything can’t be perfect about this appliance?  Please read on for more information and our thoughts about this very popular counter top wine cooler.

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Features & Specifications

This is a free-standing unit that comes with rear-ventilation – so it must be given at least a few inches from any wall when locating the unit. It uses a thermoelectric cooling mechanism that comes with an electronic adjustable thermostat.  The thermostat has a nice touch-screen interface that is modern looking yet easy to use.

This is a single-zone cooler that can accommodate a total of 8 bottles, which is enough for the casual drinker or enthusiast who intends to store only a small collection of fine wines.

The HVTM08ABS comes with a double pane, insulated door, which provides good UV light protection and thermal stability.  It’s fitted with (4) wavy-wire chrome racks that are very durable and virtually maintenance-free.  The storage compartment is illuminated by a blue LED light fixture.

With a compact footprint of  10″ by 18″ by 16-1/5″, this cooler will not take up much real estate around the home, and makes an ideal countertop unit as well.  This model is backed by a standard 1 year warranty.

Reviews & Ratings

This wine cooler has a enjoyed a fantastic record of user satisfaction, and is currently one of the top-rated models on amazon.com, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars based on a 66 reviews to date.   We read these reviews to find out exactly what people were saying.  Here’s our summary.

The Good:

Users generally praised the HVTM08ABS for being compact, easy to use and reliable. Most importantly, virtually all of the reviewers agreed that, while it sometimes took some time to reach the desired temperature, once it did the temperature remained relatively constant.  They also appreciated it’s modern design and remarkable value.  The following excerpt from an actual review sums up the feeling of most reviewers very well:

“The temperature is consistent, attractive with clear glass door, low key, and good price. It does what it’s supposed to do!”

The Bad:

There were very few truly negative reviews, and those we encountered generally came from individuals who appeared to receive defective units.  Apart from these reviews, however, there were several more “neutral” comments about the noticeable fan noise emanating from the cooling mechanism.  Some said is was quiet and others thought it was a bit louder than they’d hoped.  Aside from that, the only other consistent complaint was that the blue LED interior light was a bit too dim (Note:  keep in mind dim storage conditions are best for the wine!).

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Price & Value

With a current sales price hovering around $100, you really can’t beat the value you get with this little wine cooler.  Indeed, this is one of the biggest reasons why it’s topping the best seller and top-rated boards on amazon.com.  As a result, as far as bang for your buck is concerned, this is a no-brainer outstanding choice.

Concluding Thoughts

The Haier HVTM08ABS may be the perfect small, entry-level wine cooler; it’s well-made; uses nice digital controls; comes with great features and a nice design; and it’s pretty much a steal at its current price point.  Moreover, it does precisely what it’s suppose to – bring your wine down to proper storage/serving temperature and keep it there.  What else can you really ask for?  We think this is a very natural choice for anyone getting into wine storage, or for those looking for a meaningful gift for the budding wine enthusiast in their life.

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