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HOMEIMAGE HA-HI-21CD Dual Zone Wine Cooler ReviewSmall dual-zone coolers are quite hard to find, and when you do they typically command steep prices.  Well, we are happy to review today one thermoelectric cooler that comes with two, independently-controlled temperature zones, a decent 21-bottle storage capacity, and a very attractive design with nice touches for (at the moment) less than $300.  Any down side?  Please keep reading for much more information about this model and what we and others think about its benefits and value.

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Features & Specifications

The HOMEIMAGE HA-HI-21CD  is a dual-zone thermoelectric wine cooler that has a 70L – or 21 bottle capacity.  As with most wine coolers, please note that this capacity rating assumes you are using standard 750 ml bottles.  Larger/odd sizes will cut this down considerably.

This is a sharp looking unit that has comes with a nice LED display and independent electronic temperature controls that allow you to adjust temperatures between 44 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the upper zone, and between 52 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the lower zone. It features automatic defrost.

The door is composed of double pane glass, and is accented with steel trim and a steel, recessed door handle.  Your collection is illuminated with a blue interior light.

Unlike many more affordable wine coolers, this one comes with (6) wooden shelves, which adds a nice, classic look that contrasts beautifully against the otherwise modern and sleek design.  The unit also features an adjustable foot.

The HOMEIMAGE HA-HI-21CD is very slender and compact, measuring 20 inches deep, 13.5 inches wide, and 31.6 inches in height.  As such, if you can fit it, this wine cooler is fine for under counter use as well as free-standing applications.  Just remember that because it is rear venting, you will need to locate it a few inches away from any rear wall.

Reviews & Ratings

So far, this wine cooler has received an impressive average satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars based on 7 total reviews on amazon.com.  People praised this cooler for looking great, performing well and having nice features, such as the wooden racks.  Given all of these qualities, it’s not surprising that one reviewer felt that this was the best deal available in dual zone cooling:

5stars“This is the best price on dual zone wine cooler i can find. The wooden rack is a great feature. It’s not too bulky as the bigger coolers I’ve seen….Overall, I am very pleased….I highly recommend it.”

There were no bad reviews, except for one individual who gave it 2 stars for being “too small.”  As we’ve said before, however, remember that capacity measurements are based on standard bottles.  Other reviewers commented more neutrally about noise, indicating that it was about as loud as a typical refrigerator.  Another individual indicated that the upper zone ran a few degrees above the set point, but the stated, “This is a minor annoyance in an otherwise 5 star product.”

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Price and Value

This is where the HA-HI-21CD is very tough to beat.  Currently selling for in the neighborhood of $260, this is as about as inexpensive a dual zone, 21-bottle wine cooler you as are going to find.  Moreover, despite its aggressive pricing, it still has nice touches, like wooden shelving and an all-around modern and attractive design.  All of this makes for a very good deal for bargain shoppers.

Concluding Thoughts

For those getting into wine collection and looking for something entry-level and compact, the HOMEIMAGE HA-HI-21CD is a fantastic choice.  This slim thermoelectric cooler has great capacity for its size, and with its narrow build you can fit just about anywhere, and therefore usable as a built in unit or free-standing cooler.  Furthermore, despite its affordability, you can enjoy dual-zone flexibility for serving your whites at ideal temperatures.  And all of this is packaged in a unit with modern styling and classy wooden shelving.

Perhaps our only word of caution would be the standard admonition we give with thermoelectric coolers generally.  Given their limited cooling power compared to compressor-driven models, this cooler would not be the best choice for a room that can/does get very hot.  For example, a small kitchen or room with lots of direct sunlight might make the cooling system run a bit harder to maintain temperature.  Beyond that, however, for rooms that don’t swing dramatically (e.g., normally remain under 80F), this is a great and versatile cooler we’d easily recommend.

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  1. Debra Summerlin says:

    I’ve had two of these which I ordered from Wayfair. The first one was dented and Wayfair easily replaced it. However, both have made a lot of noise. I thought the first one might have been a result of the large dent in it but the replacement one makes the same level of noise. It appears the fan runs continuously and it is the fan noise that I am hearing. It is in a cool area but it makes as much noise as my refrigerator and I can hear it always which is driving me nuts. I may have to just get rid of it despite the attractive appearance.

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