HOMEIMAGE HI-21D Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

For those keeping a modest collection of wine, one of the most interesting and value-packed units to come out lately is the HOMEIMAGE HI-21D Dual-Zone Thermo Electric Wine Cooler. While this cooler does nothing revolutionary, it performs well, comes with a great feature set, and brings undeniable modern styling that compliments not only your wine, but also the room this model is located in.

But rather than telling you how much we like this little wine cellar, let’s take a closer look at what the HI-21D offers so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth you buck.

HOMEIMAGE HI-21D – Key Features

Dual-Zone Cooling for 21 Bottles

This wine cooler comes with dual cooling zones, each of which is independent from the other. This means that each comes with its own insulated storage space and respective thermostat/temperature controls. The upper cabinet has a working temperature range of 44 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit; while the lower cabinet can operate between 52 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the upper cabinet perfect for storing cold-loving white and sparkling varieties, with the lower optimal for holding a wide variety of reds. Of course, as we’ve discussed before, you can certainly store all of your wines reds and whites at 55F (the ideal for all wines) in the lower cabinet and then put the whites in the upper zone for an hour or so before consumption to cool them down to optimal service temperature. This model can store up to 21 standard Bordeaux-type wine bottles.

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HOMEIMAGE HI-21D Dual-Zone Wine Cooler  -classy wooden shelving in each cooling compartment.Wooden Pull-Out Shelving

We really like wooden shelves in a wine cooler. They add a bit of tradition and class that wire just can’t. In addition, some would say that they are better for maintaining consistent wine temperatures as well, although this may a bit overstated.

At any rate, the HOMEIMAGE HI-21D comes with a nice set of (6) wooden shelves that are quite sturdy, and can be completely pulled out if need be. This gives you easy access to your wines without having to upset the entire collection, which could kick up sediments and hasten oxidation.

Vibration-Free Thermoelectric Cooling

As with most smaller wine cellars, this one uses a thermoelectric cooling system. These differ from traditional refrigerator compressors by using a solid state device that has no moving parts, save a computer-type fan that cools off the mechanism during operation. An often-cited benefit of this type of cooling mechanism is that it keeps any potentially-disruptive vibration to a minimum (although we doubt this is really a “significant” benefit). While you don’t hear the clunking on/off of the compressor with these types of wine fridges, you may hear a low hum of the fan, as you would with a desktop computer.

Thermoelectric coolers are great at maintaining temperatures, but tend to struggle in rooms that experience lots of temperature flux. Consequently, we suggest placing this unit somewhere in the home where temperatures remain relatively stable year-round.

The HOMEIMAGE HI-21D features a modern, minimalistic control panel for each zone.Modern, Simple Controls

As stated previously, this unit has independent controls for the two zones, each with a digital display and thermostat that allows you to set temperatures and adjust them as desired.

Cool Interior Lighting

A nice interior illumination system really shows off your wine, and the HOMEIMAGE HI-21D comes with a great interior LED light that really complements the look of the cooler and your wine at the same time.

Crisp Styling All Around

We have to say, among the more value-oriented dual zone coolers, the HI-21D looks particularly sharp. The cleanly-angled corners, metal trim/handles, and large insulated (and double-paned) door windows topped with the minimalistic controls give this an undeniably contemporary look. This makes it a perfect cooler to place in an entertainment or other high-visibility area in the home.

Freestanding Design

Please note that this model vents towards the rear and is thus not designed for under-cabinet or recessed use. Of course, you can situate it in the kitchen or near other appliances, but just make sure to allow at least 4-6 inches from any back wall to ensure the cooling mechanism has sufficient space to blow off hot air.

HOMEIMAGE HI-21D User Reviews & Ratings

To date, the HI-21D dual zone wine cooler has earned an average satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on amazon.com. Although this is based on just 5 reviews thus far, these reports indicate that this model cools down quickly, holds set temperature well, and is well-built. Users also commented on the unit’s good looks and appreciate the versatility the dual zones provide. There were no real negative comments among them, although one user experienced some shipping damage, which was rectified by customer service, and another disliked that the door must be nearly fully opened to pull the shelving completely out.

Price and Value

The HOMEIMAGE HI-21D is a great buy that offers lots of value among other dual zone models.For those looking to maximize their buying power, the HOMEIMAGE HI-21D is an easy choice. Currently available for roughly $250 shipped, this is definitely one of the least expensive dual zone, 21-bottle wine coolers out right now. Moreover, it comes with some nice features that are often absent in this price class, like wooden shelves and steel accents.

Concluding Thoughts & Recommendations

We like the HOMEIMAGE HI-21D Dual-Zone Thermo Electric Wine Cooler for delivering great performance and the luxury of dual-zone cooling without the stiff price tag that normally goes with it.

In addition, among other wine fridges in its class, the HI-21D really does stand apart in terms of modern styling and classy touches, such as wooden shelving and tasteful steel accenting. We think this is one of the best new additions to the already well-respected HOMEIMAGE wine cooler line.

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