KingsBottle KB-120-BP Dual Zone Wine Cellar Review

KingsBottle KB-120-BP 120 Bottles Dual Zone Wine Cellar ReviewYou may not heard of KingsBottle wine coolers before, you will probably hearing much more about them in the future.  This manufacturer appears to be aimed at delivering maximum quality and capacity at very aggressive prices.  And they apparently succeeded.  Take for example the KingsBottle KB-120-BP, which is a large, quiet and modern dual-zone, compressor-driven wine cooler/cellar that is earning great reviews.  To learn more about this cooler, including what others are saying about it, please continue reading.

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Features & Specifications

The KingsBottle KB-120-BP 120 Bottles Dual Zone Wine Cellar is a great option for those looking for large capacity without breaking the bank.  This is a dual zone cooler that uses classy wooden shelves that slide easily on ball bearing mounts. This cooler is powered by a compressor and therefore, relative to thermoelectric units, can be used in areas that experience a good deal of daily/seasonal temperature swing. The upper zone has an operating range of 41-60 degrees Fahrenheit; and the lower zone has a working range of 45-64 degrees Fahrenheit.  The compressor is rated to produce less than 52 dB of sound.

The KB-120-BP is an advanced cooler, using state-of-the-art digital controls and temperature displays for each zone, and the cabinet air is circulated with a fan to keep internal air fresh.  The door is composed of double-layered, UV filtering glass to ensure that natural or artificial lighting outside of the cabinet does not affect your collection.

Among its other nice features are a front-vented design that permits both free-standing and built in use; an attractive blue LED interior light; and a safety lock/key to help protect your wine from theft/tampering.

This is a large cabinet that measures 23.54”(width) x 26.97” (depth) x 55.43” (height) and weighs just a tad under 200 pounds.

Reviews & Ratings

This wine cooler currently has an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars based on two reviews on  Both users admitted that they were not familiar with KingsBottle but decided to give the unit a try based on its apparent value.  Notably, both were impressed and praised the quality of this cooler for the price.  As one of these users summed it up:

4stars“I was a little concerned when I ordered not being familiar with the brand but was pleasantly surprised. I like the way it was constructed and so far it is working very well. I would definitely recommend.”

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Price & Value

There is simply no denying the tremendous bang for your buck you get with the KB-120-BP.  Currently, this model is selling at prices in the neighborhood of $1,000, which is a screaming good deal for a wine refrigerator that holds 120 bottles and comes in a dual zone design.  Add to that all of the nice touches and high quality materials and digital controls, and it’s no wonder why people are willing to try the KingsBottle, even though they might not of heard of it.

Concluding Thoughts

Ordinarily, you will pay very handsomely for a wine cooler that holds over 100 bottles and comes in a dual-zone design.  In addition, things like a quiet-operating compressor, wooden shelving, internal air circulation, advanced digital controls; and a security lock don’t come cheap.  Nevertheless, the KB-120-BP brings all of these features and more in a very economically-priced wine cooler that does exactly what it’s supposed to – keep your wines cool and protected.  As such, we highly recommend this cooler and expect it will become much more popular as the positive reviews continue to roll in.

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