KingsBottle KBU-50-SS / KBU-50-BP Wine Cooler

If you’re shopping for a dual zone wine cooler in the 50 bottle range, you should definitely consider two KingsBottle models that come at a great price; we’re talking about the KBU-50-SS and KBU-50-BP.

KingsBottle is a newcomer here in the states but has been offering cost-effective and high-value storage options in Europe for quite some time.

Both the KingsBottle KBU-50-SS and KBU-50-BP are emblematic of this push, as they pack lots of features that often come with a much higher price tag.

Please follow along as we take a closer look at these wine coolers and what they offer.

Overview & Specifications

First off, take note that the main difference between these two models is the trim; the the KBU-50-SS comes in stainless steel, and the KBU-50-BP uses black PVC. Both units are compressor-driven wine coolers that are front-vented, making them ideal for built-in applications. However, they are designed to also be used as attractive free standing units.

KingsBottle KBU-50-SS / KBU-50-BP Wine Cooler RacksThese wine coolers have pretty much everything you can ask for, particularly when compared to many other 50-bottle compressor-driven dual zone coolers. For example, they both use high-quality digital thermostatic control and displays; they are each fitted with (5) durable and classic hardwood shelves on steel ball bearing rollers to allow smooth access to wines; they both come with double-paned UV-filtering glass windows; and they both use an interior circulating fan to ensure uniform cooling within each zone.

Additionally, each unit features a cool and attractive blue LED interior light, as well as a locking mechanism is also provided to help discourage theft or tampering.

KingsBottle KBU-50-SS built into a countertop.

Thanks to the use of a powerful compressor system, these wine coolers have a wide operating range and plenty of power to fight off heat waves – something vitally important, especially in light of the odd weather patterns that seem to be the new “normal.”

The upper wine compartment can maintain temperatures between 41F and 60 F; while the lower compartment has a working range of 45F to 64F.

And fortunately, despite its cooling power, the compressor unit used in the KBU-50-SS and KBU-50-BP is wonderfully quiet, producing a mere 47 decibels of sound.

To put this in perspective, this is just slightly louder than whispering rated at 40 decibels! Considering how often we hear of noise complaints, this is a very encouraging statistic that should not be taken lightly.

For those looking to install them into counter spaces, take note that their measurements are 23.42 inches wide by 23.62 inches deep by 33.86 inches high; they weigh approximately 112 pounds. Both models include a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. A product manual can be found here.

Price & Value

Currently, the KBU-50-BP is selling for roughly $800 and the KBU-50-SS is hovering just over $900.

These are very modestly-priced wine refrigerators in our view, especially if you compare them to similarly-appointed 50 bottle coolers that use a compressor.

In fact, at the moment, there are several smaller dual zone compressor coolers selling for a bit more than this. So if are looking for a better deal than this in a 50-bottle capacity, you might have to go with a thermoelectric model, but remember that thermoelectrics are better suited to areas in the home that do not experience significant heat or temperature flux.

Concluding Thoughts on the KingsBottle KBU-50-SS and KBU-50-BP

So far, we’ve been very impressed with the KingsBottle lineup, and the KBU-50-SS / KBU-50-BP are no exception.

They come with all of the key features that matter most to beginning and even intermediate wine enthusiasts, but dispense with the often inflated price tag that is usually attendant with wine coolers of this quality.

In particular, the quiet operation, powerful compressor system, freedom of dual-zone cooling, and the high quality wooden racks used in each unit make them an excellent choice for the value-oriented shopper.

Now you just need to decide whether spending a bit more for the stainless steel trim is worth it!

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