NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Wine Cooler

There are many wine coolers in the 30-bottle range that will do the job; however, one particular model to watch that combines performance, style and a French-door dual zone design is the NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Wine Cooler.

This new wine cellar has received a lot of attention recently and is getting rave reviews, but is this popularity deserved? And what else should you know about before considering a purchase?

Please continue reading as we break down the key features of the NewAir AW-321ED and take a deeper look at what this popular wine cooler offers relative to the competition.

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NewAir AW-321ED – Key Features & Specifications

Thermoelectric Cooling

NewAir AW-321ED ReviewLike many other popular small to mid-sized coolers, this one is powered by a thermoelectric cooling system, which is a solid state device that uses electricity to transfer heat from within the storage cabinet to the outside. The only moving parts of such systems are typically the small fans that facilitate the blowing off of heat toward the back of the unit.

While compressors offer more cooling power and are technically more efficient, thermoelectric systems tend to be far simpler and less expensive. In addition, many believe that the lack of cycling (i.e., the kicking on of the compressor in conventional fridges) leads to a better, vibration-free environment that keeps wine sediments undisturbed. Others insist that they are less noisy than compressors as well, although this varies quite a bit between models. Most users with thermoelectric coolers will still hear fan noise emanating from these units, although there is no clunking associated with compressor cycling.

French-Door Dual Zone Design

The NewAir AW-321ED comes with wooden pull-out shelving.The most obvious feature of the NewAir AW-321ED are the striking double doors, which enclose a side-by-side dual zone cooling system. These two cooling zones operate independently and allow you to keep both reds, whites and sparkling wines at optimal storage/service temperatures within the same unit. Each zone also possesses its own controls and temperature display so you can dial in your collection to a precise set point.

32-Bottle Capacity With 14 Pull-Out Wooden Shelves

The AW-321ED can hold up to 32 standard-sized wine bottles across a total of 14 wooden pull-out shelves between the two zones. As we always say, wooden shelves are not necessary for wine cooling, but they do look great and have the benefit of not absorbing or transferring heat to your wine. These pull out completely for easy access to particular bottles without needless disturbance to the entire collection, which could stir up sediments and spur oxidation.

Good Digital Controls

A wine cooler’s control panel is not only an aesthetic consideration, but must also deliver accuracy and help maintain consistent cabinet temperatures. The good news is that the NewAir AW-321ED has a modern set of digital thermostatic controls that look good, are easy to use, and perform well. As we discuss below, users confirm that this model keeps wine very stable, which is the most important factor when storing wine for any significant length of time.

The NewAir AW-321ED features modern digital thermostatic controls.Modern, Attractive Design

In addition to the beautiful double doors and classy wooden shelves, this wine cooler also brings other interesting and attractive design features, which include stainless steel trim and a large, insulated viewing window for each zone. Also noteworthy is the cool LED illumination light that really lights up the cooling zones and shows off your collection – a particularly nice feature when entertaining family and friends.

Freestanding Use Only

Keep in mind that as a rear-venting wine cellar, this model is not made to be built into a cabinet or placed flush against any rear wall. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but in the absence of any particular information, we always suggest keeping these types of units between 4 to 6 inches away from a back wall to ensure that the cooling fans can dissipate heat. Failing to do so can impeded cooling efficiency or result in premature cooling system failure.

User Reviews & Ratings

NewAir AW-321ED Reviews & User RatingsAlthough this is a relatively new model, it has already gained a loyal following and currently enjoys an average satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars on This is a very impressive endorsement in our view, especially since users seem to be particularly harsh on these types of appliances when reviewing them.

Users specifically reported that the AW-321ED cooled down quickly, held a set temperature very reliably and ran relatively quietly. Many users also emphasized the unit’s good looks and appreciated the dual zones. Among the few isolated more negative comments were complaints that the shelving wasn’t designed to hold many larger (i.e., greater than 750 ml.) bottles; and there were a couple complaints of operating noise, which seemed to be contradicted by most users who – again – felt the cooler ran fairly silently. These are very common gripes for virtually any wine cooler in our experience.

Price and Value

Buy the NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler!Value is another huge plus for this model, and the AW-321ED can currently be had for just over $400. This is a lot of wine cooler for your dollar, especially when you consider the double-door, dual zone design. In addition, touches like wooden shelving also generally command a premium price.

NewAir AW-321ED – Concluding Thoughts

Yet again, NewAir has endeavored to bring premium features, such as gorgeous French doors and the convenience of dual zones, without charging a premium price. This is a very solid thermoelectric cooler for anyone shopping for a model in the 30-bottle range. Moreover, it is very well-built and uses attractive stainless steel trim and a contemporary digital thermostatic control that keeps wines at the desired temperatures with great stability. This is all you can really ask for in any wine cooler, and is currently available at a price that is lower than many other cooler that don’t come with such a rich feature set. In sum, a 5-star deal in our book!

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