NewAir AWC-270E Compressor Wine Cooler

The NewAir AWC-270E 27-bottle free-standing compressor wine cooler is a new model that promises outstanding cooling power and a very affordable price tag for a compressor-driven system. But does this unit deliver as advertised? And what else should you know about it before considering a purchase?

Please read on as we take a closer look a the NewAir AWC-270E 27 and provide our own unbiased thoughts and impressions about the real value of this wine cellar.

NewAir AWC-270E – Key Features & Specifications

Ultra-Powerful Compressor Cooling System

The NewAir AWC-270E Compressor Wine Cooler  - Powerful Cooling & Good CapacityThe small to mid-sized wine fridge market is teeming with thermoelectric coolers, and for good reason. They’re typically much less expensive than compressor models and their simple design makes them perfect for smaller collections.

However, as we’ve always said, there is no substitute for a compressor if you really want to keep your collection cool and stable, especially if the unit will be somewhere that experiences significant temperature fluctuation. In this case, the NewAir AWC-270E comes with a very powerful compressor-driven cooling system that can fight off heat and maintain a set point, as well as get your whites and sparklings down to serving temperature with ease. Specifically, this model is able to chill your wine down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit! This is much cooler than the typical low end of most coolers, which generally can only get down to about 45F, if you’re lucky.

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Further, don’t buy into the misinformation about thermoelectric models’ alleged superior efficiency – it’s the other way around. Anyone that understands vapor-compression systems will tell you that compressor cooling systems are much more efficient than thermoelectric coolers, watt for watt.

Good 27-Bottle Capacity With Storage Bin

The NewAir AWC-270E is a well-built, affordable, and attractive wine cooler/fridge.For a relatively compact cooler, the 27-bottle capacity (based on a typical 750 ml. bottle) is very good. In addition the 5 chrome racks are easy to pull out/replace and are very sturdy. A larger bottom bin area allows you a bit more room for odd-sized bottles.

Modern Digital Controls and Temperature Display

Digital thermostatic control is far and away superior for maintaining a more precise setpoint, and the NewAir AWC-270E features a very nice exterior temperature control panel that makes adjusting and monitoring cabinet temperature extremely easy. In addition, the temperature display and touch pad is very contemporary and sleek, which enhances the overall sharp look of the unit.

Attractive, Well-Insulated Cabinet

The AWC-270E can reach very low cabinet temperatures due to the powerful compressor and the well-constructed storage cabinet. This insulated cavity comes with a large glass viewing door; however, this is not a simple glass pane – it’s insulated and UV-resistant, which allows you to view your collection without fear of heat/UV infiltration.¬† The whole unit is also very elegant, with a black outer finish and stainless steel door frame and handle.

Cool Interior LED Light

Digital controls and a nice interior blue LED are among the NewAir's features.NewAir really has some of the most striking interior illumination lamps, and the AWC-270E is no exception. The ultra-low wattage blue LED light  is super efficient, has a very long life and creates an attractive glow around your wine, all without generating unwanted heat or damaging UV light (as most florescent lamps do).

NewAir AWC-270E User Reviews

This model currently holds an average user satisfaction rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on Users praised the NewAir for cooling down wine (and beer) very quickly and keeping their collections close to the set point without much wandering. In fact, one user purchased the NewAir precisely because the previous thermoelectric could not keep up. Nearly all of the reviewers loved the look, capacity and overall performance of this cooler.

In addition, most found this cooler to be relatively quiet or at least tolerable. This is a huge endorsement when you consider that most users complain about how noisy their wine coolers are!

There was only one truly negative review, and that was from an individual who apparently received a defective unit.

Price and Value

Currently available for just over $300 shipped, this is one of the most affordable compressor-driven coolers out there. Further, when you consider the good capacity, digital thermostatic controls, and undeniable style and good looks of the AWC-270E, it is priced under-market relative to other compressor coolers with otherwise similar specifications.

NewAir AWC-270E Compressor Wine Cooler – Concluding Thoughts

The NewAir 27 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler - performance, good looks & unbeatable value.We like the NewAir AWC-270E for several reasons: this cooler can reach some of the lowest temps we’ve seen; it can hold a set point fairly easily, even in the face of lots of heat outside; it operates relatively quietly; has a good capacity and sturdy chrome racks; and it’s very attractive, with modern styling and nice stainless steel accents.

Finally, despite everything this 27-bottle cooler offers, it’s unusually affordable for a compressor-driven model, and is available for less than many thermoelectric units that are vastly underpowered compared to this wine fridge.

Consequently, it’s also a screaming good deal in our book!

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