NewAir AWR-460DB Dual Zone Wine Cooler

If you are looking for a slightly larger wine cooler with dual zones, you should strongly consider the NewAir AWR-460DB 46 bottle built-in wine cooler. Not only does this wine fridge come with dual cooling zones and a good capacity, but it features a powerful compressor-driven cooling system and is getting great reviews for operating relatively quietly.

But what else should you know about this cooler before buying, and is it worth the price? Please continue reading as we examine this model and offer our candid thoughts and impressions about whether it’s worthy of your hard-earned dollar.

The NewAir AWR-460DB Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a powerful dual zone model.NewAir AWR-460DB – Key Features & Specifications

Dual Zone Compressor-Cooling System

This model can hold a total of 46 standard-sized (750 ml.) bottles among two compartments; the top can hold 16 bottles, while the lower zone can accommodate 30. Each of these two cooling zones are controlled by an independent set of digital controls that allow you to keep your wine anywhere between 40 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a very wide operating range that is particularly good for chilling white and even the most cold-loving sparkling wines to achieve optimal service temperatures.

Of course, this remarkable low-end storage temperature ability is made possible by a powerful compressor-driven cooling system. It’s no secret that we are partial to compressor coolers, especially when you want to reach cooler temperatures or battle against heatwaves. The more powerful, efficient cooling delivered by a compressor really makes this unit better able to maintain set temperatures generally, which is really what wine storage is all about.

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Made for Built-In or Free-standing Use

With a front-oriented venting system, the NewAir AWR-460DB is designed to be built into/under a cabinet if desired. However, it is also fine to use this as a typical free-standing unit.

If contemplating an under-counter install, please note that this wine fridge measures 23.5 inches wide, 22.4 inches deep and 32.2 inches high.

The NewAir AWR-460DB can hold up to 46 bottle across the two cooling zonesCrisp Digital Controls & Temperature Display

The AWR-460DB comes with a set of digital temperature controls and a sharp temperature display that allows you to adjust and monitor the set temperatures in each of the two cooling compartments. The touch panel is really very nice, and we think adds a lot to the overall contemporary design of the unit.

Pullout Hardwood Shelving

There’s nothing wrong with metal racks, but we really do love the look and feel of wood, and the NewAir AWR-460DB comes with a set of (5) classy wooden pull out shelves. These are very sturdy shelves that roll out smoothly for easy access to collection without causing needless disturbance to surrounding wine.

Well-Designed Cabinet

We like the look of NewAir models generally, and the AWR-460DB does not disappoint. This wine cooler has a beautiful black finish with a stainless steel front and handle. It features a large, double-paned insulated and UV-resistant window for easy viewing. In addition, a cool blue LED light illuminates the cabinet and really shows off your wine, as well as the wine cooler itself. This is definitely one wine fridge that you don’t need to hide in some corner.

Low Operating Noise

If you’ve researched wine coolers, you probably already know that one of the biggest complaints from users about them generally is sound. The good news is that, while it is not silent, the AWR-460DB is designed to run relatively quietly. As we discuss below, this low-noise operation is something that is confirmed by this model’s user reviews.

The NewAir AWR-460DB's digital display makes temperature adjustment and monitoring very easy.User Reviews & Ratings

This model is still fairly new, which is why there are only two reviews on to date; however they are each 4 and 5-star. Both gave this unit high marks for looks and performance – and both confirmed that this wine cooler runs very quietly. In fact, here is exactly what each reviewer said:

“This fridge is barely even noticeable from a noise stand point. It sits between our living room/dining room (we live in an open loft) and we barely hear a thing, even when the fans kick on.”

“While the unit is AT temperature (maintaining the set temperature), it really is whisper quiet. It does cycle on from time to time and the motor noise is noticeable, but not too distracting.”

Price and Value

Good compressor coolers are not cheap, and are virtually always more expensive than thermoelectric models. In addition, a dual-zone design also normally comes at a premium. Nevertheless, the NewAir AWR-460DB is priced very reasonably in our view, and is currently available for approximately $900 at the time of this writing. That is quite a lot of cooler for your dollar.

The NewAir AWR-460DB provides power, performance and a dual zone design at a great price.Concluding Thoughts on the NewAir AWR-460DB Wine Cooler

If you want a dual zone cooler that can hold over 40 bottles, and that has the power to keep your wines stable even in the face of substantial external temperature flux, we think the NewAir AWR-460DB 46-Bottle Wine Cooler is an excellent choice. This wine fridge not only has a wide storage temperature range and lots of power, it also looks great, can be used as a built-in or freestanding model, and it runs relatively quietly compared to other coolers in its price/feature class. Finally, it’s priced right too, and provides a lot of value relative to other dual zone compressor-driven models. Overall, a great deal.

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