Whynter BWR-171DS Elite Review

For a small, but top-of-the-line built in or freestanding wine cooler that you can trust with your very best bottles, consider the Whynter BWR-171DS Elite 17-Bottle Seamless Stainless Steel Door Dual Zone Wine Cooler. But don’t take our word for it, please follow along as we discuss the key features of this unit so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth the money.

Whynter BWR-171DS – Key Features & Specifications

Whynter BWR-171DS Elite Wine FridgePowerful Compressor Cooling

Make no mistake, there is nothing better than a compressor when it comes to cooling wine. Notwithstanding the often-cited (and overstated) fears of vibration caused by compressor cycling, compressors offer the most efficient and most powerful cooling available today. And this is particularly important when trusting your most valuable wines to a cooler. Thermoelectrics definitely have their place; however, if you want to make sure that your collection doesn’t warm during a heatwave; or if the cooler will be situated in a room that can get hot – always stick with a compressor-driven system.

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The Convenience of Dual Zones

Dual zone wine coolers are great as they afford a variety of wines to be prepared for service at optimal temperatures. The BWR-171DS features a dual zone cabinet  – the upper cabinet can hold a total of 6 bottles and can be maintained at temperatures ranging from 41º-50º Fahrenheit; whereas the lower zone holds 11 bottles and can be set anywhere from 50º-72º Fahrenheit.

If you ask us, the best way to use these two zones is by storing both reds and whites in the lower compartment at 55F, and then bringing your whites/sparkling up to the upper zone for chilling about an hour before service. Alternatively, you can keep all the wine at 55 in both zones, and then adjust downwards as necessary for serving the whites.

Don’t forget – whites need to be served at a colder temperatures compared to reds, but both reds and whites are best stored at 55F!

The Whynter BWR-171DS features classy, sturdy pull-out shelving.Quality Pull-Out Shelving

Good shelves really do matter, and the BWR-171DS comes with (5) very sturdy pull-out sliding stainless steel-faced racks that make getting to your wine easy. They also look great too, and really compliment the overall modern look and feel of the cabinet.

Beautiful Design With Seamless Stainless Steel Door

It would be an understatement to say that the Whynter BWR-171DS Elite is classy – this is a very contemporary and stylish wine cooler that features a gorgeous, stainless steel door frame that is seamless, and further accented by a steel handle and lower vent plate. This, coupled with the crisp digital control panel, makes this wine cooler one of the very nicest-looking units we’ve seen yet. A real eye-catcher that is sure to impress friends and family.

Designed for Built-in or Freestanding Use

The front-venting design allows this unit to be installed flush under your cabinets, or situated anywhere as a freestanding unit; the choice is yours.

Lots of Other Design Features

The Whynter BWR-171DS combines performance and undeniable good looks.Beyond a powerful cooling mechanism, solid racks, and an undeniably sleek design, there are many other features of the BWR-171DS Elite that set it apart from the crowd:

  • Open-door (ajar) warning indicator;
  • Temperature memory for easy re-setting;
  • Cool interior LED light with “Function” and “Showcase” modes;
  • Fan-circulated cabinet to avoid temperature dead spots;
  • Reversible door assembly;
  • Sabbath mode capability;
  • Double-pane insulated and tempered gray-smoked UV-resistant glass;
  • Independently adjustable thermostats for each cooling zone.

Price and Value

Currently selling for nearly $600 shipped, this is a relatively pricey unit for its modest capacity. However, what you are paying for here are premium features and styling. Things like dual zones, a compressor-driven system, and the liberal use of stainless steel and other high-quality touches definitely add up. Consequently, considering the caliber of this wine cooler, we think it is reasonably priced relative to other luxury-type wine coolers/fridges.

Buy the Whynter BWR-171DS 17-bottle wine cooler!Concluding Thoughts

If you want to take a risk and get a much cheaper 17-bottle cooler that probably has a thermoelectric cooling mechanism and more economy-oriented parts, go for it! However, if you really want the piece of mind knowing that your finest bottles are safe and secure in a powerful wine fridge that will not only perform in the face of significant environmental temperature flux, but also look classy doing it, then the Whynter BWR-171DS Elite 17-Bottle Seamless Stainless Steel Door Dual Zone Wine Cooler just may your best bet in a small wine cooler.

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